Canteen Food Ordering and Management System

Increase Productivity Using Quality Management System

This is Total Quality Management Project Report. Success of organization depends upon its resource so human resource plays an important role in any organization. If human resource of organization is not happy with the organization. It will adversely affect the organization.


Customer Targeted E-Commerce

Customer get many benefits via online shopping this helps e-commerce companies to build long-lasting and profitable relationship with their customers. For making strong relationship with these users it is very important to focus on the customer as a whole and making sense of a flood of real-time information that goes well .

Online Health Shopping Portal With Product Recommendation

This project helps the users in curing its disease by giving the list of fruits and herbs that the user should consume in order to get rid of its disease. The main purpose of this project is to help the user to easily search for herbs and fruits that will be good for the health of the user depending on any health.


Back Office Function in a Stock Exchange

Cash Management

In a business anything done financially affects cash eventually. Cash is to a business is what blood is to a living body. A business cannot operate without its life-blood cash, and without cash management, there may remain no cash to operate.

Capital Market Reforms

The significant transformation of the Capital Market in India is clearly evident from the changes that have occurred in the Stock market. The developments have facilitated greater choice for investors, who have become more discerning and demanding.

Cash Flow

Think of cash as the lifeblood of every business. Without cash flow, no business can function and without an accurate picture of cash flow, no investor can have a complete picture of a company.